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Poetry International staff and surroundings

by Michele Hutchison on June 25th, 2010

Lucy Pijnenburg, PIW stagiaire

Outside the theatre (c) Michele Hutchison, Poetry International festival 2010

Navigation tool in the labyrinth behind the scenes

Sarah Ream in Hotel Atlanta

Madea Le Noble outside Rotterdam City Theatre

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  1. mangalesh dabral permalink

    three cheers for the 41st poetry festival. going through the blog and the poems of almost all the poets of this year,fond memories of the 2008 festival returned to my mind. poets like william cliff, linda maria baros, maria barnas, iwakiri, varady, great souls like ter balkt and remco campert, and, bas, katja, sarah, michele, jan anker, and of course, our very dear madea who i see sitting once more at one of her favourite places in front of city theatre with a cigarette in her graceful hand. time was really great. i’ve written a piece and will send the same to the director.
    indeed, you are trying to hold on to the space for poetry in an age which is generally non-poetic, market-fictionalised, boringly ‘prosed’ and media-centric. which is why these 41 years become all the more important. we know, what will remain will be poetry.
    my regards to everybody over there and all the best,
    mangalesh dabral

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